Bingo is every Thursday. Early Birds start at 7PM* and doors open at 5PM. Our location is on Route 286, right next door to McDonald’s.


  • 6 Cards – $15.00
  • 12 Cards – $25.00
  • 18 Cards – $31.00
  • 24 Cards – $36.00
  • 30 Cards – $40.00
  • 36 Cards – $44.00
  • 42 Cards – $47.00
  • 48 Cards – $50.00

*Packages includes all 20 Regular games, all 4 Specials, and your Jackpots.


  • Wild Card (All Nighter) – $2.00 per strip of 3
  • Early Birds – $3.00 per book (3 Games)
  • Late Birds – $3.00 per book (3 Games)
  • 1st and 2nd Quickies – $1.00 per cards and pays $100
  • U-Pic-Em – $1.00 per strip of 3
  • Extra B&O Special – $1.00 per strip of 3
  • Extra Jackpots $1.00 per strip of 3

Magic “Boot” Number:

Our magic number is $5.00. You pay $5.00 per week. On average we get a crowd of 100 or more people. So each week we get a new magic number between $450 and $600. We have had up to 7 different magic boot numbers in one night.

Holiday Park Prize Wheel

We have a prize wheel that resembles a chuck-a-luck wheel. Tickets are sold for $1.00 each or 7 for $5.00. Every bingo night monies collected go towards the Jackpot Prize. If you spin the wheel and land on Jackpot you win monies collected. If not, you will receive the according prize (i.e. free bingo for a month, $100 in cash, 50 free instants). The monies from the Jackpot are then carried to the following week and added to money collect, thus growing the Jackpot. We DO NOT CAP THIS AT ANY AMOUNT. It can reach $3000 or so.

HP Wild Card Game:

For $2 you get a strip of 3 cards. You daub the numbers that are won on all night. If you get double bingo (regular and four corners count, no diamonds) in the 20 regular games you win the progressive Wild Card, which is capped at $2000. If no one has got double bingo within the 20 regular games we pay a consolation prize of $75.


The more that play the more we pay. Our normal scheduled payout is $80 on the regular games and $100 on the specials. If we get 100 people or more, we pay $90 on the regulars and $125 on specials. If we get 125 people or more, we pay $100 on the regulars and $125 on the specials.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Lit Parking Area
  • Full Service Kitchen (5:45 to 9:00 pm)
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Large Variety of Instant Tickets
  • Friendly Volunteer Staff
  • Nice, Clean Tables and Comfortable Chairs


  • You must be at least 14 years of age and have a paid admission to be in the bingo hall while bingo is being played.
  • No admission after Regular Game #5
  • No saving of seats is permitted without paid admission.
  • You must have an admission to participate in any ticket games, raffles or drawings.
  • Our Jackpot pays $1200 within the numbers and a consolation of $750.
  • We have a Jackpot Bonus number as well. How this works is that we all, from one time to another, have yelled bingo on the number after the big money for the Jackpot. We made the number after the Jackpot number the “Bonus” number. We add $50 per week to it until it goes. We start the dollar amount $50 higher than the consolation of $750.
  • Please call 724-327-3456 with any additional questions directed to Lori Shaulis or Bingo email:


    The week of your Birthday you will receive $5.00 off your admission just by showing your driver’s license.